All About: Simply Southern

Simply Southern co-hosts Mary Wilson and Kevin Worthington

Simply Southern TV explores all of Alabama, from barnyards and backroads to metros and highways, to bring you the best stories focused on farming, gardening, forestry, rural living and youth in agriculture.

Join co-hosts Mary Wilson and Kevin Worthington weekly to learn more about what the great state of Alabama has to offer. Wilson, Worthington and reporter Melissa Bowman bring their own uniquely entertaining storytelling styles to segments in each episode. Plus, recipe developer and food blogger Stacey Little of shares simple recipes that are sure to please the family.

Simply Southern TV is a production of the Alabama Farmers Federation with the Alabama Farmers Cooperative as the show’s major sponsor.

Find out more about the show at and follow all the adventures on social media. Just search for and follow @SimplySouthernTV on Facebook and Instagram.