All About: Special Cowboy Moments

Special Cowboy Moments

Baxter Black has always said, “a man’s legacy is rodeo, and ‘cowboy’ is his name.” And who hasn’t marveled at cowboys driving their cattle through the Badlands or making the eight-second rodeo whistle?

There’s just something about cowboys and those special moments that people adore. Their toughness, grit, and swagger impress us. They take off their hats in the presence of ladies, overcome challenges, and dare to go where others will not.

“Special Cowboy Moments,” a half-hour docuseries on RFD-TV, gives cowboy lovers and connoisseurs of western history, alike, the chance to explore stories of 20th-century rodeo legends, up-and-comers, fourth-generation ranchers, and more, that promise to capture the heart of the steadfast western spirit.

The series includes an interview with Elmer Clark, the nation’s greatest bronc rider of the early 20th century, who learned his bronc riding skills as a child when his father tied him to the saddle of wild, unbroken broncs and set them loose on the open range.

Viewers also meet Robert Abernethy a.k.a. “Rodeo Bob Aber,” who, while ranked third in the world, broke his neck riding a bronc and was told he had three days to live. Nevertheless, Aber survived and went on to win titles and championships, and become one of the greatest stock contractors in rodeo history.