All About: Successful Farming

Machinery Show

This season is packed with nuts-and-bolts information on production agriculture, along with new features with well-known ag personalities.

A behind-the-scenes look at innovative farm shops and insider advice from agriculture influencers are a few things to watch out for in season 12 of the Successful Farming TV Show.

The seasoned team isn’t messing with the success that has allowed for a 12th year of air time. Segments like Machinery Spotlight and Top Shops return with new angles and farmer highlights.

“This season of the Successful Farming Show delivers a wide variety of program specials such as the history of famous farm boy and world renown inventor Harvey Firestone,” says Successful Farming Show co-host Dave Mowitz. “One of our other specials incudes the fascinating hobby of collecting antique tractors.”

What’s new?
The show is adding a new feature: insights from well-known names in agriculture media. Rob Sharkey, host of the Shark Farmer Podcast, is a returning guest. So are Marji Guyler-Alaniz, founder of FarmHer, and legendary speaker Jolene Brown, among others.

“I think it’s going to give us a new and fresh perspective about what’s happening in rural America and how that’s impacting agriculture,” says co-host Laurie Bedord. “You’re going to have Jolene Brown, who is very connected to what’s happening in a farmer’s life. Rob Sharkey as well. He’s a farmer, so he taps into what’s happening on the farm. He can give great insight to the type of topics farmers are talking about in the coffee shop.”

In other episodes, viewers can see the latest innovations in agricultural technology, receive repair and maintenance tips from the SF Engine Man, and discover farmer inventions.

Other segments focus on technology, like the increase in the use of drones in agriculture, a topic the show dives into on an Iowa farm that really benefits from drone use.

Mowitz and Bedord have been with the program since its beginning in 2006. They have been at the forefront in seeing the latest in farming and sharing it with the audience.

“People should watch if they want to pick up on some great tips for their shop or new technology that they’re unsure about,” says the show’s producer, David Ekstrom. “Or if they are interested in looking at some new machinery that’s coming out, or how they could implement new ideas on their operation and just be entertained.”