All About: Voices of Agriculture

Voices of Agriculture

American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) is “the unified national voice of agriculture, working through a grassroots organization to enhance and strengthen rural Americans’ lives and build strong, prosperous agricultural communities.”

RFD-TV shares the same views of agriculture as the AFBF, which is why each week, we feature stories and news from various state Farm Bureau organizations in the Voices of Agriculture time slot.

Farmers from 30 states gathered together in 1919 with a goal in mind: they wanted to be able to speak for themselves through their own national organization by creating a voice for agriculture at the national level.

“The purpose of Farm Bureau is to make the business of farming more profitable and the community a better place to live.”

In the first week of each month, “Down Home Virginia,” produced by the Virginia Farm Bureau, airs its half-hour program. Other states’ Farm Bureaus featured on different weeks include Texas, Arkansas, Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, Idaho, and New York, and news from the American Farm Bureau from Washington, D.C.

Every state’s agriculture production, trends, events, and ideas are relevant to the overall productivity of the United States. The 30-minute program is dedicated to representing farm and ranch families to analyze their problems and formulate action to achieve educational improvement, economic opportunity and social advancement, and overall well-being. The connectivity that RFD-TV provides through the Farm Bureau of each state benefits any agriculture enthusiast.