American Farm Odyssey

Looking at a road map of the U.S., it’s easy to see major cities and the interstates that link them. Nondescript exits and homogenized suburbs line those extra wide roadways where life moves in excess of 65 miles an hour. But if you let your eyes wander, you can see the open spaces between those federal lines. There, far from the congested highways, you will find Caleb Feiring on his “American Farm Odyssey.”

Traveling by bicycle, Feiring is sticking close to the fields and following farm production seasons as he makes a loop around the country. The pace of two wheels will give him time to discover the untold stories of the men and women who feed the world. Whether they are stories of triumph or disappointment, Feiring’s mission is to discover the farmers who make each pocket of rural America unique and bring their stories to the national audience.

Meet American Farm Odyssey’s Caleb Feiring.

Spending long days on his family’s 180-acre homestead, Feiring has an infectious enthusiasm for agriculture. After graduating from Vanderbilt University, Feiring joined International Farming Corporation, one of the world’s biggest agribusinesses. There he learned about all types of operations, from pear orchards to pig farms to mango groves. No two farms were the same, but all shared one thing in common: untold stories. Feiring found that behind every crop in a field, and each animal in a herd, was a story. Driven to share these overlooked stories, he left his job in agribusiness to hit the road.

To reach people that the headlines rarely find, Feiring pedals in places off the beaten path. On his bicycle, he can go beyond paved roads, and he can’t speed past the people or the details. His saddlebags carry everything he needs to sustain himself, so he can keep his wheels close to the fields at all times. Never a turn away from a worthwhile interview or an unexpected hardship, Feiring is making a loop around America – one story at a time.

RFD-TV will check in with “American Farm Odyssey” throughout Feiring’s travels. Look for photos, videos and more as he tells his story and the stories of our American family farms.