American Pecans introduces the Pecan ThanksEverything Pie

Fort Worth, TX – Nov. 7, 2019 – The three-bird roast has had its day. The newest holiday food mash-up is here and features America’s signature seasonal ingredient – pecans. Proving they are a hardworking ingredient belonging in every dish, American Pecans is making America’s wildest holiday dreams come true with the debut of the Pecan ThanksEverything Pie – a complete meal in one delicious pie! Created by sisters Emily and Melissa Elsen, founders and owners of the acclaimed Four & Twenty Blackbirds pie bakery in Brooklyn, N.Y., the pie features eight slices, each representing a different holiday dish starring pecans. From turkey time to table-making sides, the Pecan ThanksEverything Pie combines traditional favorites into one epically delicious crust that feels almost too good to be true.


According to a new survey[1], nearly two out of three respondents agree that pecan pie is an iconic holiday dessert. While the ThanksEverything Pie doesn’t abandon the signature sweetness of the classic iconic holiday dessert, this culinary creation showcases the versatility of pecans beyond dessert. From adding crunch to Roasted Veggies and Potato Mash with Toasted Pecans, to bringing robust flavor and texture to Squash, Pecan and Sausage Stuffing, to providing a crispy finish to Mac and Cheese with Pecan Breadcrumbs, pecans are an integral ingredient in a variety of savory holiday dishes.

“When American Pecans approached us with this ambitious challenge, we weren’t sure it could be done,” said Emily Elsen. “But the more we dove into it, the more we realized we’d be hard-pressed to find a more versatile, signature ingredient to incorporate into all of the dishes. If you’re making a pecan pie this season – and we hope you are! – snag an extra bag of pecans to elevate the rest of your feast and really make your tried-and-true favorites pop.”

The Star of the Feast: America’s Native Nut

The Elsen sisters were the perfect match for this holiday kitchen challenge. Pie enthusiasts who grew up in a Midwest farming family, they tapped into their culinary expertise, love of pecans and deep appreciation for high quality and local ingredients to make the Pecan ThanksEverything Pie come to life. Pecans grow in 15 states across the country, from California to the Carolinas, and are the only major tree nut indigenous to America – making them the perfect ingredient for an all-American holiday celebration.

“We like to support American farms and feel good knowing that when we use American Pecans, we’re not only getting a superior product, but also supporting growers and shellers – many who have small family businesses, just like ours,” said Melissa Elsen.

Are You Ready to ThanksEverything?

While the pies will be for sale November 15th in NYC, home cooks are encouraged to try their hand at all eight recipes by visiting There, visitors can discover new recipes and watch a behind-the-scenes look at how the Elsen sisters crafted the pie. American pecan growers and shellers can also access ThanksEverything resources in the Industry section of

Of course, the beauty of this magnificent mashup is just how easy it is to bring the flavors into your own celebration. Each delicious and approachable recipe matches any holiday occasion, from casual Friendsgiving potlucks to formal family dinners. If you’re part of the 68 percent of Americans who are interested in trying new recipes this holiday season[2], American Pecans has fresh twists on holiday classics ready to take a home-cooked feast to ThanksEverything heights. Visit to find all of the recipes and watch a behind-the-scenes look at how the Elsen sisters crafted the pie from concept to completion.