American Soybean Association pleased with signing of USMCA


American Soybean Association president Bill Gordon says the signing of the USMCA trade agreement is a boost to the country’s soybean growers.

“This final step by President Trump ensures soybean growers will maintain access to two of their top markets, and it will also support the poultry and dairy industries that are important to soy,” he said. “We reiterate our hearty thanks to both houses of Congress, the President, and their staff who worked together to make this important deal happen.”

Gordon was in attendance alongside Bret Davis, Brad Doyle, Daryl Cates and Brad Kremer.

Mexico is the No. 2 market for whole beans, meal and oil while Canada is the No. 4 buyer of U.S. meal and the No. 7 buyer of U.S. soybean oil.

In a release, the American Soybean Association said making the trade agreement was essential to sustaining the growth of both markets under the North American Free Trade Agreement.