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April Shaeffer

While working on her extension role through North Carolina State University, April envisioned creating a women’s only workshop -- a place where the women could feel comfortable stepping out of the shadows, participating and ultimately learning more. She started talking to others about this. Finally, after some hesitation, she got the go ahead to do it if she could find funding. Thirty-minutes later, this persistent and passionate woman had the funding and the first workshop was in motion. That workshop filled up and was a complete success. So she planned more. Now, years later, the workshops have become a regular offering and are helping women from all over the country. That’s right, women come from around the country to attend these two-day events.

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April Shaeffer teaches the basics of moving cattle, administering vaccines, running hydraulic chutes to keep the cattle and themselves safe, how to tie a lead, how to drive a tractor, tractor safety, how to hook up and back a trailer, how to change a flat tire, the basics of pasture management and so much more.