Arizona groups join lawsuits challenging new water rule

Two tribes in Arizona and an advocacy group in Phoenix have joined lawsuits challenging the Trump administration’s navigable waters protection rule.

They claim the rule opens Arizona’s waterways to pollution and deterioration. The lawsuits allege there is no protection. A federal judge granted the state of Colorado and expiation when it took effect on Monday.

According to American Farm Bureau’s Don Parrish, “Legal challenges on the scope of the Clean Water Act is nothing new. We’re going to continue to see back and forth, but I am very hopeful that when people understand that this rule is going to be protective of water quality, it’s going to protective of the environment but yet provide the clarity that farmers and ranchers and landowners deserve; I hope they come on board with the fact that this is a good rule.”

Even though the rule is in effect, Parrish believe that there is more work to be done.

“Implementation is where the rubber meets the road. We’re going to have to partner with this administration to ensure that the transparency and the clarity is realized,” he said.