Art from the HeARTland by Tim Ross


We’ve got art from our Weather Guy, Tim Ross! Not only is he a weather wiz, but he’s also a talented watercolor painter who loves to capture the essence of Rural America in his work. If you follow us on Facebook, you know he loves to share his art with the world. Here are some pieces we know you’ll love.

Included are Tim’s notes on each piece.


Tim Ross

“Let’s head out to Arizona... one of the top producing agricultural states in the nation. This is a simple 5 x 7 piece I painted late last week spotlighting the AZ cattle industry. I titled it, “Here’s the Beef!” Just for kicks n’ grins... Google “Clara Peller” and the title will come into focus!”

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Tim Ross

“Transportation of agricultural products, livestock and equipment is a huge part of the mix that keeps this world turning. I almost want to stand and salute every time I see one of these stainless steel dairy transports pass in front of me on the highway… they are GORGEOUS! I titled this painting, “Milk Money.”"

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Tim Ross

“This is a new piece I titled, “Way Out West”. It features the breathtaking red rocks near Moab, Utah. This particular formation is known as “The Landscape Arch”. It’s time to order some more orange paint!”


Tim Ross

“I’ve been on a bit of a Southwest US swing lately… LOVE that part of the country. Let’s do one more… it’s a brand new painting... a small 5 x 7 gouache piece. This scene reminds me of the landscapes I’d see often on the Sunday Morning Westerns I watched on TV as a kid. You can almost see the “bad guys” in the black hats peeking around the rocks, can’t you?”

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Tim Ross

""Meet Me at the Mud” celebrates mudding season. It has arrived and it’s big time stuff here in the south (where my studio is located)... and many other parts of the nation.”

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