ASF has spread to Haiti

African swine fever has now spread to Haiti. The island’s chief veterinary officer says that the case was found near the border with the Dominican Republic.

This confirms what was already feared, that ASF has spread throughout the island of Hispaniola.

USDA says that it is working with Customs and Border Protection and the swine industry to prevent ASF from spreading to the United States.

The executive director of the Swine Health Information Center stated that, “CBP is increasing inspections of flights from Hispaniola to ensure travelers do not bring prohibited products to the United States. CBP will also ensure that garbage from these airplanes is properly disposed of to prevent the transmission of ASF.”

USDA also noted it has suspended movement of pork between Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to the mainland U.S., as part of its protection zone.

Just this week, a global animal health company said an ASF vaccine could be available before 2025. Zoetis says that development could take up to three more years if the FDA grants “emergency use authorization.” The company said based on recent precedent it is likely that will happen.


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