Assistant Health Secretary on how America can improve its public health

The pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of life, but it has also been a learning curve, showing us what we need to do to improve our public health system and take care of Americans.

Assistant Secretary for Health and Four Star Admiral Brett Giroir outlines what he has seen and what he believes we need to do to be in a better situation.

According to Adm Giroir, “You can’t sort of intermittently invest in public health, we’ve got to keep our rural hospitals strong, our safety net hospitals strong, we’ve got to keep our public health workforce... Second and I see this every day in testing, and it’s certainly been important in PPE and even vaccines, we got to think about ‘Made in America’ really seriously. You can’t be in a pandemic, and you know I am flying C-17s and 747s from around the world just trying to get simple supplies... we have to do more in America to make sure we can supply all the critical needs for our workers. I think preparation is an ongoing habit, it’s a way of life, and we need to be involved in that.”

As of this week about 20 million vaccine doses have been distributed and Secretary Giroir expects another 30 million in February.


Assistant Secretary for Health on the distribution of the COVID vaccine