Austin Snell releases debut album Still Bleeding

Still Bleeding - FINAL 1280.jpg

NASHVILLE, TN (June 28, 2024) —Austin Snell’s highly anticipated debut album, Still Bleeding, is out today via River House Artists and Warner Music Nashville. A unique fusion of country music storytelling with a rock edge, Still Bleeding traverses the emotional landscapes of mental health, fast-paced living, and the necessity of compassion, all amplified by dark-energy guitars. This evening at 7:00 PM CST, fans can also tune in to catch Snell and his band performing Still Bleeding live, complete and with commentary about the process of making it.

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“I named the record Still Bleeding because I want to focus on giving my best while still here. I’m so proud of every single one of these songs for different reasons,” says Snell. “I had to grow into this album and dig deep to find my sound. Sill Bleeding has allowed me to tell my story creatively and set the framework for my career as I continue to grow. I hope everyone can find something here they relate to.”

This full-length release, featuring 13 tracks produced by Andrew Baylis, seamlessly blends the narrative richness of country music with a gritty sensibility, giving birth to what Snell aptly terms ‘grunge-country.’ The release also includes Snell’s breakout hit, “Pray All The Way Home,” now impacting at country radio.

The release of Still Bleeding follows Snell’s acclaimed 2022 EP, Muddy Water Rockstar, which cemented his status as a rising country star to watch. His raw debut singles, “Excuse the Mess” and “Wasting All These Tears,” have helped to propel him to 260+ million global career streams and secured him a coveted Highway Find as well as as the first country artist in SiriusXM/Pandora’s artist accelerator program.

You can catch Snell opening for Jason Aldean on the 2024 Highway Desperado tour or on his recently announced Still Bleeding Tour headlining dates starting in October. For more information, visit and follow him on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Track Listing:

  1. Some Things Just Stick (Austin Snell, Christian Yancey, Kenny Whitmire, Sam Johnson)
  2. Pray All The Way Home (Austin Snell, Cameron Walker, Michael Whitworth, Andrew Baylis)
  3. Wildfire (Jared Conrad, Codey Lohden, Clayton Mullen)
  4. Double Barrel (Austin Snell, Andrew Baylis, Tucker Beathard)
  5. Whiskey Me (Austin Snell, Sydney Cubit, Gabe Foust)
  6. Other Girl (Austin Snell, Matt Dragstrem, Matt Roy, Driver Williams)
  7. Wasting Mine (Austin Snell)
  8. Don’t Pick Up (Austin Snell, Andrew Baylis, Cody Lohden, Conor Matthews, Riley Thomas, Christian Yancey)
  9. More Alcohol (Austin Snell, Matt McGinn, Blake Pendergrass, Michael Lotten)
  10. Let Me Burn (Austin Snell, Andrew Baylis, Jacob Hackworth, Bones Owens)
  11. So Can I (Austin Snell, Lukas Scott, Joybeth Taylor)
  12. Everybody’s Friend (Austin Snell, Driver Williams, Justin Ebach)
  13. We Weren’t Meant To Be (Austin Snell, Driver Williams, Justin Ebach)