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Barbara Mazurek

While the location of Barbara Mazurek’s ranch in Texas hill country might sound idyllic, it’s a ranch that has seen happiness and heartache.

Mazurek came from a ranching family and married a rancher. However, a tragic accident left her a widow and made her a solitary rancher for decades. Now in her eighties, she maintains the ranch alone -- caring for her herds of boer and angora goats, some cattle and a few dozen peacocks. In addition to her ranching duties and devotion to her grandkids, Mazurek also serves as the president of the Bandera County Farm Bureau. Her determination and indomitable spirit make her an ideal FarmHer.

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Nobody wants to be a survivor because that means by definition that you survived something tough. Something horrible. Something that nobody would ever think could be possible for themselves, nor would they wish upon another. Barbara Mazurek is a survivor.

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