Beef Trade The Focus At Senate Hearing

It’s been a busy few days for the U.S. Cattlemens Association with a social media campaign and a Senate testimony pushing for a fix to a feeder cattle loophole, but the National Cattlemens Beef Association hasn’t taken a side yet. The group says they want to wait until a USDA study on this issue is released.

“We’re going to wait until the results of that USDA study are complete, and at that time we’ll be looking at our policy and any enhancements that need to be done, based on fact and something that serves the entire beef industry from east to west.” - Jennifer Houston, NCBA President

Although beef producers want to see loopholes in their markets closed, the big push from livestock groups at the hearing; trade.

“Loss of market share in other countries. It’s tough to know that our market is going to be there when we need it to.” - Trent Thiele, Iowa Pork Producers President

This week the U.S. Japan trade deal was signed by President Trump which, when implemented, will reduce tariffs and widen market access for both beef and pork. However, the deal isn’t projected to go into effect until January of 2020.

Report By: Corryn LaRue