Behind the scenes look of living on a farm via social media

In an age of social media, information can spread rapidly, and there is no exception for agriculture. The Georgia Farm Monitor reports on how farmers are sharing their farm life via social media to shed a positive light on a vital industry.

Green Gate Farm is a small poultry and cattle operation. Owners Steven and Tara Green are giving people a behind the scenes look of what it is like producing food and fiber for the world.

They are active GFB members that really believe in advocacy. The Greens strive to be 100 percent real with what they post on social media and hope the people they reach will learn something about agriculture.

Tara states, “My biggest thing since day one, is just even if I can just show one person that we’re literally just like everybody else and just show them we aren’t trying to hide anything. Again, essentially this is us, this is real life and I feel like it’s important for people to know where their food comes from.”

You will see via their platforms that they are not just teaching the general public about ag, but also their daughter.

“There is a lot of life lessons to be learned farming, and what a better way to teach your little one,” Steven adds. “Responsibility, patience that’s the big thing.”

At the end of the day they are not trying to be famous but to give you a look into the life of running a farming operation, and to show you farmers are like everyone else.

To follow them on Instagram search: @greengatefarmers_wife