Best in Three Years: Recent weather has given the nation’s pasture and range lands a boost!

Steady precipitation is giving pasture and range land conditions nationwide a boost to a level USDA Meteorologist Brad Rippey says we have not seen in three years.

“We are actually, as you look at the national numbers, seeing our highest U.S. range land and pasture conditions at this point at any time of year since back in 2020. Almost exactly three years ago, the actual week where we saw a higher national range land and pasture condition was June 7th of 2020,” Rippey explains.

Very poor to poor pasture and range land condition ratings came in last week at just 22%, which is down 7 percentage points from the previous report.
Also, good to excellent ratings jumped up 6 percentage points to 43%, which continued improvements in both the West and Midwest.