Better Horses
Better Horses

Show Times (RFD-TV)

Show Times (The Cowboy Channel)

If you’re a horse lover and aren’t watching “Better Horses,” something is terribly wrong! No offense, cowboys and cowgirls, but you’re missing out on a show tailor-made for you.

A mix of entertaining segments for the horse enthusiast, each episode of Better Horses is a charming love letter to the equine community.

Hosts Ernie Rodina, Susie Derouchey, and Ed Adams bring infectious enthusiasm for all things horses, wanting to share what they learn with the viewers. The show grew from a publication and a radio show — and aims to take a horse owner’s equine experience to the next level. The show does all that and more. read more

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Chris Cox has had a lifetime of education with the greatest, most important teacher of all: the horse. Simply put, Chris Cox Horsemanship shows horse people how to get results.
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Debuting in 2018, Horse of the West extended the National Reining Horse Association’s commitment to western sports coverage further—by adding cutting events, ranch riding, and select rodeo-timed events—all emphasizing how the horse makes these great western sports possible.