Biden Administration works with Private Sector to Improve Supply Chain

President Joe Biden has outlined how the administration is working with the private sector to improve the supply chain. In addition to running ports 24 hours 7 days a week, he says they are making changes to encourage faster container pick up.

“Private sector port terminal operators at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, for example, have announced that they’re going to eliminate fees when truck drivers come on and port common to the port to pick up the containers If they do it at night or on the weekends, when roads are less congested. Working with my administration, a major ocean carrier, the fourth largest in the world, announced on Monday, a new $100 discount when containers are picked up quickly.”

Biden says the administration is also making regulatory changes to support drivers.

“We announced this week that we’re extending through February extra flexibility that allows truckers to drive more hours when they’re transporting critical goods like gas food and medical supplies. Paired with these important safety measures, all of them are going to help move goods more quickly, and, and get products that people want on the shelves all across the country.”

Major retail CEOs have also shared their commitment to keeping goods moving quickly.

“My administration and working with many of the CEOs and others. These goods moving through our supply chain to ensure the shelves are stocked heading into the holiday season, the CEOs I met with this week reported that their inventories are up, shelves are well stocked, and they are ready to meet consumer demand for the holidays.”

The president also says they are using every available tool to address high prices on critical goods and inputs, like oil and gas.

“Last week I announced the largest ever release from the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve to increase the supply of oil and help bring down prices. I brought together other nations to continue and contribute to this solution. Indian Japan the Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom all joined us. They all agreed to release additional from the reserves, and China may be doing so as well.”

Biden says this action is already helping lower gas prices, which have come down 10 percent in the wholesale market since last month.


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