Biden has some work to do to get American’s on board with EV plan, according to survey

The House Ag Committee will hold its first hearing of the year tomorrow. They will consider the impact of electric vehicles on agriculture and rural America.

Corn growers will be among those who testify about the administration’s goal of net-zero emissions fuel by 2050. The Renewable Fuels Association will fight for an “all of the above” approach, arguing EV’s are not the only future of U.S. transportation, even though backers claim they are already zero-carbon.

“We know that’s just nonsense, especially in certain parts of the country where the grid is more reliant on fossil fuels for electricity generation. We know that EV’s in those areas are worse, in terms of their carbon profile than a flex-fuel vehicle, for instance, that would be running E85 or high-ethanol blends,” Geoff Cooper states.

Despite the Biden mandate, the Energy Information Administration says that most vehicles will still use internal combustion engines by mid-century.

Cooper points out ethanol is already half-as-carbon polluting as gasoline.

President Biden has some work to do if he is going to convince Americans to switch to electric vehicles, that is according to a new survey from consulting firm Deloitte.

The firm found that 69 percent of consumers prefer their next vehicle run on gas or diesel. 17 percent want a hybrid car, only 10 percent are in favor of a plug-in hybrid or a “battery electric vehicle.”


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