Bill Alexander Painting Tips: Still Life In Vase pt 2

Each Saturday we will have tips and instructions from Bill himself as he walks you through “Still Life In Vase.”

Bill continues his Still Life In Vase painting. Today he will add the base colors to the vase.

Points To Consider:

  • Bill’s background is wet. He worked the paint deep into the canvas with his palette knife.
  • He is using thick paint to form the vase.
  • He “marbleizes” the paint by not over-mixing the colors.
  • Bill is holding the knife flat to the canvas.
  • He doesn’t press too hard so the paint lays on top of the background color.
  • Bill can see the finished painting in his mind. He sees the lights and shadows.
  • He paints the inside of the vase first.
  • Bill used his small knife to round out the rim.

Stay tuned next week to see what Bill does next to his painting.