Biofuel Groups say that Biden’s infrastructure package misses the mark

President Biden’s newly-formed “infrastructure team” spent the holiday weekend trying to sell the plan, despite Republican opposition.

The team consists of five cabinet members, Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack is not one of them.

The $2.3 trillion dollar plan would help rebuild roads, bridges, and waterways in rural America and increase access to high-speed internet, but it comes with a large corporate tax increase which the GOP says would harm American workers.

Biofuel groups say that the infrastructure package misses the mark in supporting renewable energy. The plan calls for more research, but Growth Energy says that it basically stops there.

The Renewable Fuels Association has done its own research during its thirteen years of existence and says that biofuels have reduced emissions by nearly one billion metric tons so far. That is equal to pulling more than 180 million cars off the road. RFA’s Senior Vice President hopes Congress can do more as it rewrites the bill.

“While there’s little in there for biofuels in this first draft, certainly, from our perspective, it is just that, a first draft, and so, we certainly see an opportunity, and we will be making our points to the administration and to congressional policymakers that ethanol and other biofuels are certainly decarbonizing the transportation sector,” Troy Bredenkamp explains

RFA says that its research also shows corn ethanol has a nearly 50 percent smaller carbon footprint than conventional gasoline.


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