Biofuels Can Help Bring Down Soaring Gas Prices

Corn growers say ethanol could keep gas prices low as oil prices soar.

Ace Ethanol’s President says the market was volatile the entire month of February, and it became even more uncertain on Russia’s invasion. Fortunately, Russia is not a large consumer of U.S. ethanol, nor is it a prime region for the fuel’s co-products, like dried distillers grains, CO2 and corn oil, but high fuel costs are a big concern for farmers and rural Americans.

“The U.S. has the ability to be energy independent and it’s not only a function of oil production and refining, but it’s also a function of home-grown biofuels that not only promote energy independence, but also are green and helps to save the environment.”

Neil Kemmet says America had become energy independent in recent years, but has gotten away from that. He adds sometimes it takes a shock to the system to understand how important that is.


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