Black farmers to receive loan forgiveness, additional money for taxes

USDA is preparing to forgive up to 15,000 loans for black farmers. It is part of the stimulus plan signed by President Biden earlier this month.

In addition to paying off the entire loan, the Department will pay an additional 20 percent of its value to the farmer. That extra money is so that farmer can pay off their taxes to the IRS.

One farmer shared his experience with discrimination at USDA.

According to National Black Growers Council’s Philip Haynie, “The commodity program, that is a large pot of money to go out and this disparities really start to show themselves when you look at subsidy programs and the difference in dollars paid out to black farmers and white farmers.”

Secretary Vilsack says that congress can also help socially-disadvantaged farmers with land ownership. He said that the Department of Defense owns a lot of rural land that could be given to them.


Vilsack looks to fix black farmers’ mistrust of USDA