Blizzard was harsh on Wyoming wildlife but moisture will help


Cheyenne, Wyoming (AP)-- Wildlife biologists say that a recent blizzard probably killed some big game animals in Wyoming.

The storm two weeks ago brought over two-feet of snow to large areas of southeastern Wyoming and eastern Colorado.

Bigger animals such as moose, elk, and deer were probably big enough to get to places where the wind had blown more snow away from plants they eat, said Robin Kepple with the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Pronghorn antelope probably faired the worse due to their smaller size and smaller feet, Kepple told the Wyoming Tribune Eagle.

Dry weather last summer means there is less vegetation to help animals survive the winter, but this winter was not especially harsh overall, Kepple said.

Animals did not have to expend more energy than usual in the months before the big storm.

As the weather warms up, moisture from the storm will help spring growth-- meaning more food for the survivors.


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