Blocking Enbridge’s Line 5 might do harm to both sides

A U.S. district court has temporarily stopped Michigan’s effort to shut down Canada’s Enbridge Pipeline.

Michigan’s governor wants to cap Line 5, which supplies 50 percent of Ontario and Quebec’s energy, but last week, the day before the May 12th shutdown, the Canadian federal government said that it is vital for energy infrastructure.

They say that blocking it would cause harm to both sides, and they felt it was necessary to enter the court motion.

According to Seamus O’Regan with Canada’s Natural Resources Minister, “This a dispute, strictly speaking, between Enbridge and Michigan, but clearly, we have a national interest, an issue of energy security. In the event that mediation fails, then the federal court should not order the line shut before Canada and the U.S. have a chance to work through the matter.”

State leaders and Enbridge are expected to meet again tomorrow to try and resolve the problem. Michigan’s governor wants the pipeline shut down because of what she calls “an environmental emergency.”


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