Bobcat wreaks havoc on Arizona zoo


An unexpected guest visited an Arizona zoo in January.

A bobcat made it into the Tucson Petting Zoo and Funny Foot Farm where it went on a killing spree. The wild feline scaled over “no-climb” fences and made its way into multiple enclosures. It attacked and killed a lamb, two ducks, and more than a dozen chickens.

“The fences are considered no-climb fences, but unfortunately bobcats can make it over it. I wasn’t made at the bobcat because he belongs there more than we do,” Kenneth MacNeil, the owner of the zoo, stated, according to KOLD.

The attacks happened over multiple nights. So, the zoo staff began orchestrating a strategy to capture the bobcat.

After two days with a live lure, they were finally able to trap it.

“We are conservationists, but then again we have to put safety first...we feel it is a situation that we have to trap this bobcat and relocate it to a nice area that is away from residential, commercial, and industrial areas,” Marc Hammond with Animal Experts Wildlife Services stated.

The cat was released almost 50 miles outside of Tucson. The zoo has also improved the enclosures to better protect the animals.

Story via Shaley Sanders with KOLD