“Boo the Bear” Comes Out of Hibernation; Advice for Producers With Properties Near Dens

One of our producers stumbled across something spectacular last week.

Take a look at Boo the Bear. He is popping his head out of his den for the first time this spring after a winter of hibernation. We have never seen anything like this before! We did some digging and found out Boo has been at a grizzly bear refuge for 20 years, and he is somewhat of a legend at the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in British Columbia.

Grizzly Bear Refuge Manager, Cat Cowan spoke with RFD-TV’s Suzanne Alexander about the grizzly sanctuary and how she was able to catch Boo on camera, the signs she looks for in his activity as he wakes up from hibernation, any advice for farmers and ranchers who might have property near bear dens and how special Boo is to her organization and how the refuge came to be.


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