Border ranchers get win with “Remain in Mexico” ruling

The Texas Ag Commissioner says that a Supreme Court ruling this week is a big win for ranchers at the border.

Justices ruled the Biden administration must abide by the “Remain in Mexico” policy, meaning immigrants must return to Mexico while they await asylum status.

Ranchers and farmers say that they have suffered a lot of property damage since the surge, and the situation is growing increasingly violent. Sid Miller stated the criminals recently burned down a 150-year-old ranch home. He said that he is hopeful the high court’s decision will cut down on the surge, but he is staying vigilant.

“The Biden administration will not take this lying down. They will come up with some kind of new scheme or method to stop this. So, even though this seems like a huge win, and it is, the battle is not over,” according to Miller.

He says that in the Rio Grande Valley alone nearly a million people have illegally crossed the border since January.


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