Breakdown of 2021 House Appropriations Bill

The 2021 budget bills move through the House, the include emergency money for coronavirus as well as traditional funding requests.

The House passes the first four of twelves Appropriations Bill, including agriculture. Rep. Donna Shalala states, “The American people deserve a bill that makes smart investments, and this bill does just that. It addresses hunger that is plaguing working families, it increases broadband access, it strengthens our international alliances, it combats climate change, it increases funding to provide healthcare for veterans. This bill invests in America and our collective future.” It also included expanding nutritional programs, which were a major line item.

22 amendments were added to the legislation, including one requiring the Bureau of Land Management to spend 11 percent of its wild horse budget on fertility control measures, but one lawmaker said that that is ineffective. “The amendment is misguided and will actually end up hurting these animals more than it helps... We should allow research scientist to do their jobs in determining what is the best way to manage these herds,” according to Rep. Chris Stewart.

$500 million dollars would go to the Farm Service Agency to supply personal protective equipment for farm workers. “Due to the living and working conditions, many are uniquely susceptible to the disease, that is why we must dedicate in robust funds to the USDA to establish emergency program that covers the cost of PPE and other safety measures to protect our farm workers... We need to provide our farm workers with proper pay, job security, method for child care, family leave, and support for their families,” Rep. Jimmy Panetta adds.

Another last minute amendment would prohibit funding for President Trump’s executive order to keep meat and poultry plants open during the COVID-19 emergency.