Brian Patton is the Misfit Cowboy!

There is a cowboy in Louisiana who likes to saddle up and go for a ride, but it is not on a horse.

We would like to introduce you to the Misfit Cowboy.

“Just in that six or seven-minute time period I have doing my specialty act-- one, I can make them forget about their daily problems. They come to the rodeo and just have a good time.”

Brian Patton has a passion for making people smile, and he does just that when he makes his way into the arena as the Misfit Cowboy.

He has bridled a Brahman named Django. His entrance act sparks quite the reaction from those in the stands. He has also lasso’d a longhorn that he ropes and rides. That would be Roscoe.

“We’ll come out, and I’ll put Roscoe on a pedestal, a little 2x2 box, and we’ll do some pistol spinning, fire some Colt 45’s off. You know just make a lot of noise, little smoke,” Patton states. “I guess the main selling point of Roscoe is what I do is I put him on the roof of my forty-foot trailer.”

Patton is a farrier by trade. It is what his dad did on the side-- in addition to being an ag teacher in West Carroll Parish. It was one of his six brothers that told him about the longhorn, and said, “what do you think?”

“I started hauling him to rodeos and taking pictures with him-- people sitting on him. While I was there... I just kinda told myself there was a lack of entertainment. So, I was like ‘You know what-- either put up or shut up!’”

Here in this tiny community of Epps, Patton perfects his performance along with his young children, even making them part of the act.

“I think the main thing I want my children to take away from this is if you want to do something in life, you can do it. It’s going to cost you something-- it will take a lot of hard work, a lot of effort, and a lot of tries but you can achieve it.”

Like his father, Patton wears different hats. He is making more than horseshoes these days. He makes stirrups and spurs and specialty items out of metal and iron.

Now, there is also engraving. Personalizing his guns, gear, and gifts, but his main focus is traveling from arena to arena lighting up the dirt stage and the faces of the crowd-- showing them that stepping out of your comfort zone and risking failure can reap big rewards.

“I’m not afraid to fail. I’ve had so many failures in my life-- you just pick it up and go with it!”

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