Bridging the gap between rural and urban America, focus of special Town Hall

Uniting and educating our urban neighbors was the topic of discussion in an RFD-TV Town Hall. Rural Media Group Founder and CEO Patrick Gottsch was part of our special last night, focusing on bridging that gap.

Gottsch said that the rural way of life is under attack and was accelerated because of the pandemic, which alienated small town USA.

Gottsch says that legislation across the country is also concerning for rural America. He says that issues like these need to be a wake-up call for all of us.

According to Gottsch, “Media is changing. Media fifty years ago, there was a lot of connections with rural America, some of the most popular programming was westerns and rural programming. It’s not that way anymore, there’s not that connection between urban and rural America and we’ve got to make an effort to reconnect it again.”

Gottsch says that content on cable TV cannot just come from urban America, there has to be rural content going into big cities.

You can catch the special Town Hall again this Thursday night at 10 PM EST/ 9 CT on RFD-TV and the RFD-TV Now app.


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