Buddy Miller has a peachy life

There is a friendly face at one farmers market in Louisiana, who offers out fresh pecans or a slice of a ripe peach. This Week in Louisiana Ag presents this video introducing us to Buddy Miller.

Miller has been farming for over 60 years, he says it is rewarding but also challenging. His operation consists of burgundy okra, green okra, all types of squashes, and 20 different varieties of peaches. The soil he farms on is some of the most naturally fertile soil in the state, and maybe even the nation.

According to Miller, “It’s no secret that God intended peaches to be ripened on the tree... We know we’re going to sell them all anyway so why not pick them at the peak of ripeness, juiciness, and flavor.”

His parish is rather small, only 2,000 people. So, Miller heads to a farmers market in Baton Rouge to sell his goods, where he says that his customers have become family.