Bureau of Land Management will pay you $1,000 to adopt a wild horse or burro


The Bureau of Land Management will pay you $1,000 if you can give a good home to a wild horse or burro.

The BLM is holding a wild horse and burro event in Giddings Texas through Saturday.

The event features 75 wild horses and burros up for adoption and the $1,000 incentive applies to every horse there.

The BLM rounds up excess animals from public lands in order to maintain healthy herds and protect rangeland resources.

Since 1973 the BLM has placed over 235,000 animals in approved homes across the United States.

The BLM considered a home qualified if it has 400 square feet or more of corral space per animal, with access to food, water, and shelter. A six-foot corral fence is required for adult horses; five feet for yearlings; and 4.5 feet for burros.

To take an animal home they must be loaded in a covered, stock-type trailer with swing gates and sturdy walls and floors.