Burt Farm: a North Carolina farm older than the Declaration of Independence

It is not everyday you hear of a ninth generation farming operation. North Carolina Farm Bureau presents this video highlighting Burt Farm, a farm that is older than the Declaration of Independence.

Iron Horse Farms looks like a typical North Carolina farm, but what many do not see is its lineage. King George II gifted the Burt family the land in the 1750s.

John Burt is Wake Country Farm Bureau president and the ninth generation to live on the farm. Burt is unsure of the connection to monarchy or how much land was originally granted to his family. He says that part of the mystery of the farm is the lack of records. The king’s copy of the land was destroyed during the Revolution and the families copy did not make it either.

Burt is proud of the land and wants it to stay in his family for centuries to come. He states, “Currently, we still have about 700 acres of the original land grant, all of it is still the family’s land. We’re really looking forward to keeping it and passing it on to our family.”