Butch Hodgins


Butch Hodgins was born and raised in Philadelphia, MS where he still resides today. He is a contractor by trade and has been in that business for 20 years. Growing up in such a small town and in a close-knit family, Butch took an interest in music when he was nine years old. Attending church with his family as a child led Butch to love the old hymns that he heard there. Butch took an interest in the guitar and soon learned to play many of those old Gospel songs.

Butch Hodgins began performing with Alan Sibley & The Magnolia Ramblers in 2011 and since that time has played at countless festivals and churches across the United States. One of Butch’s greatest highlights of playing Bluegrass music was performing at the mother church of Country music (the Ryman auditorium) with his oldest and dearest friend, Marty Stuart.

In his spare time Butch enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren.