California and Arizona are facing water worries

A majority of California is under a drought emergency, a move championed by the agriculture community.

Governor Gavin Newsome issued the declaration in 41 counties. It will allow state regulators to relax standards that limit deliveries to ag-rich areas.

The order does not force residents to conserve, but the governor is asking people to do it voluntarily by taking shorter showers and repairing leaks as soon as they notice them.

In March, Ag Secretary Vilsack issued the declaration in 50 counties allowing farmers to apply for emergency loans.

Arizona could see water cuts for the first time ever.

Farmers might lose their allocation from the Central Arizona Project, the state’s largest resource for renewable water supplies.

Though they are already preparing, it will be expensive. They will need funding to move wells so they can operate using ground water, nut surface water.

Urban areas will not see reductions until 2025 because they have higher-priority contracts.

Farmers are currently pushing for water infrastructure funding.


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