California Cowgirl Prepares for 2017 Road To The Horse

March 22, 2017

NASHVILLE, Tenn (RFD-TV) A vision of Steven and Tootie Bland, “Road to the Horse” was created with passion and perseverance. Steven and Tootie were believers in a message they wanted to share with the world.

The message: Create a relationship which is based on a foundation of trust with the horse, and everything else can be accomplished.

Fans of “Road to the Horse” get to see that message put into action – both the triumphs and the setbacks that are part of the process – as elite clinicians from around the world build a relationship with an untouched 3-year-old American Quarter Horse right before their eyes. A lifetime of passion and knowledge is put to the test, and only one competitor can walk away with the coveted World Championship of Colt Starting title.

Trainer Kate Neubert will join Barbara Cox, Sarah Winters Dawson and Rachelle Valentine in the race for the 2017 World Championship of Colt Starting.

“For the past seven years, I’ve lived and worked with horses on the southern coast of California,” Neubert explained. “My family heritage was ranch-life from the beginning. Having a father to share his passion to learn and grow as a horseman gave my two brothers and I a true wealth of opportunities and experience.”

Although Neubert was born into the business, it’s been her love and drive that has made her so successful.

“Great things are possible when you begin well and build a strong relationship with a horse,” she explains.

Watch the video above for an inside look at the life of a cowgirl with a dream.