California firefighters rescue horse trapped in seven-foot hole

Horse Rescue

A horse trapped in a hole in a remote desert area in San Bernardino County, California was rescued by emergency personnel Friday afternoon.

Firefighters responded to the report of the stuck animal around 2 p.m. and began working on saving the distressed horse.

Once on scene, firefighters found a medium-sized white horse stuck in a 4-by-4 hole that was around 7 feet deep.

The horse was extremely agitated in the hole, which made the rescue that much more difficult. After contacting a mobile veterinarian to assist in sedating the animal. crews were able to begin digging out the front of the hole to create an escape route for the animal.

“After a short period of time and digging by crews on scene, the horse was safely extracted without any apparent injury,” a County Fire statement read.


San Bernardino County Fire Department