California’s oldest dairy to shut doors after 125 years


California’s oldest dairy is closing its doors after more than 125 years.

Known as the oldest dairy west of the Rockies, the Giacomazzi Dairy has been family-run since it started, but members say they’re giving up the business to start fresh.

“It’s a huge milestone, not many families last that long in one industry,” said dairy farmer Cornell Kasbergen.

The dairy has struggled over the last few years.

“Being that this dairy is over 125 years old, it’s not very efficient. It’s not modern, so we have to either invest to upgrade this dairy or invest in something else,” said dairy farmer Dino Giacomazzi.

Giacomazzi held an auction last Friday, selling at least 2,000 cows and heifers. But, the family is not leaving the community or the agriculture business.

“You’re better off putting your money into trees...almonds, pistachios, grapes. There’s a lot of alternatives that provide a higher return than milking cows,” Kasbergen said.

The family plans to restart as almond farmers; they already have 400 acres of almond trees and plant to grow to 900 acres in the future.