Canada’s “freedom convoy 2022" enters Ontario; will reach Ottawa by weekend

The massive trucker convoy has entered Ontario and is expected to reach Ottawa by this weekend.

Truckers have been protesting vaccine mandates all week, hitting every province along the way and picking up more drivers. A map highlights the route, starting in the far western province of British Columbia and stretches all the way to Ontario in the east.

Organizers estimate the “freedom convoy” has about 50,000 truckers. Supporters have lined the streets along the way, including farmers lined up in their tractors. The movement could also be gaining some international momentum. Videos on social media show truckers with Brazilian flags forming their own convoy in a show of solidarity.

The Canadian Prime Minister is not expected to greet the convoy when it arrives in the Capitol tomorrow because he’s self-isolating due to COVID-19. It’s not clear what the protestors will do after tomorrow’s rally, but retailers fear limited fertilizer deliveries and grocery store shortages could get worse in the U.S. and Canada.


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