Canada’s Prime Minister, Federation of Ag welcome a Biden administration

Canada’s Prime Minister and the nation’s largest farm group says that they are turning the page and welcoming President-elect Joe Biden.

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture says that it looks forward to doing business with Biden. The group’s first vice president says that he hopes Biden’s first official foreign visit will be north of the border.

“The first out-of-country visit by a U.S. President is Canada, the next door neighbor. We are very close allies, close trading partners-- the biggest trading partners. That tradition’s always been there, and of course President Trump changed that,” Keith Currie states. “I would be shocked if President-elect Biden did not come to Canada, given ties with this country and with the current Prime Minister. So, I would be shocked if he didn’t come here, and I’m looking forward to him restoring that strong relationship that we have.”

The group says that it was surprising that the race was so close but close races happen in Canada, too. It hopes for some calm going forward.