Canadians are looking for predictability from the 2020 U.S. presidential election

The U.S. elections are not just dominating our domestic air waves; the rest of the world is watching too.

Our neighbors north of the 49th parallel are talking about predictability. However, that does not mean the same thing to all Canadians.

The Ontario Cattle Feeders Association says that it is focused on energy and trade.

According to Jim Clark, the executive director, “We’ve had President Trump for four years and we have a bit of an understanding of his trade policies. With Trump, right now, we know what we have. Former Vice President Biden, I honestly can’t say that I know or understand where they are. His running-mate has made some indications to changing the U.S. dietary guidelines on meat consumption, and one of the ones that I really look at is the energy part of this-- changing around on fuels. What is the clear plan from the Biden group.”

In the American Farm Bureau questionnaire, Joe Biden says he “will develop a comprehensive strategy to aggressively enforce our laws in an effective way whenever it is needed.”

Other Canadians say that on the trade front, Trump has delivered on putting America first, leaving international trade partners behind.

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Canada is keeping an eye on the 2020 election.