Cardboard grandparents are coming for Thanksgiving


(WTHR)-- This Thanksgiving will be like none other. As the pandemic continues and cases continue to spike, many family members and even some state officials think that it is better to minimize your Thanksgiving gathering.

Unfortunately, that means you might not get to see your crazy uncle or your favorite cousin.

However, one Texas couple has found a way to be with their family in spirit and for pictures.

Barry and Missy Buchanan sent a life size, cardboard cut out of themselves to their grandchildren. “I was just trying to think of something fun... I wanted to make it memorable,” Missy stated, according to WTHR.

Their son Matthew, who lives in California, stated, “They are pretty much watching over the entire downstairs. The kids get to pass them as they go to bed every night and say goodnight...”

The Buchanan’s wanted to remind their children and grandchildren to be thankful, no matter what the circumstances. “I want to show our younger generation that we can be apart, but we can still be a part of each other’s lives in our celebration,” Missy adds.

Story Via WTHR