Carson King’s Children’s Hospital donation total closing in on $2 million


After Iowa State fan Carson King raised more than $1 million for the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital, he said he had a goal of reaching $2 million by the end of the month, and now he’s incredibly close.

The $1.9 million comes from the more than $600,000 in his Venmo account plus Venmo and Busch’s plan to match. RAGBRAI, an bicycle race in Iowa, also pledged $50,000 earlier in the week.

King never intended for this to become the nationwide phenomenon it has. He was simply holding a sign on ESPN’s College Gameday requesting viewers help him replenish his supply of Busch Light after he was flooded with more than $600 in donations in the first hour, he made the decision to donate the money.

The fundraiser closes at 11:59 a.m. on Monday.