Catherine Manterola


Forget summer camp. Go inside a Texas-sized “Grrls Meat Camp” with FarmHer and cattle rancher, Catherine Manterola and her family, on their family ranch in Calvert, Texas. “Grrls Meat Camp” is an event for women featuring a sisterhood of strong voices teaching, learning, sharing and inspiring each other in the arts of food animals, butchery, and charcuterie. The event was led by “Grrls” founder, Kate Hill, a chef who lives and works in France, as well as experts in beef production and processing. Catherine wanted to host the week-long camp at her ranch so that she could show the importance, process, and a detailed hands on look at every aspect of the industry and raising meat from start to finish.


In celebration of Hank’s 100th birthday, we’ve attempted to distill his mammoth legacy down to the ten most influential songs.
On this date in 1287, one of the largest floods and greatest natural disasters on record permanently altered the landscape of the Netherlands and changed the course of history.
One hundred and fifty years ago on this date (December 5, 1872) a derelict ship was found adrift in the Atlantic Ocean, launching one of the most enduring – and still unsolved – maritime mysteries.