Cattle industry, lawmakers call for full DOJ investigation regarding anti-competitive practices

Lawmakers and the cattle industry have sent a letter to the Attorney General about anti-competitive practices in the meatpacking industry.

They want the Department of Justice to move forward with a full investigation. One letter comes from House and Senate Republicans from South Dakota.

NCBA backs the effort saying that cattle producers deserve to know if the pricing disparity in the market is the result of price manipulation, collusion, or other inappropriate practices.

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association also wrote to the DOJ concerning the pricing disparity.

The letter comes just days after we learned about a meeting with the nation’s six leading farm and cattle groups to discuss the very issue.

According to the Hagstrom Report, the groups met last Monday in Phoenix, at the request of the Livestock Marketing Association. Aside from the Department of Justice investigation, the groups agreed to call for fast-tracking the renewal of USDA’s livestock mandatory reporting and to encourage the development of new local and regional packers.


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