Cattle producers should have biosecurity plans

As we see other countries deal with animal diseases outbreaks, biosecurity plans should be a high priority for producers in the U.S.

Oklahoma State University Beef Cattle Extension specialist Dr. Rosslyn Biggs says that now is the time to consult with your veterinarian, put a plan in writing, and implement it if you do not have one already.

For producers who have one, she says it might be time to review your plan and update it. Biggs says that we have not had a foot and mouth disease in the U.S. since 1929, but if we were to have an outbreak today, it would be devastating. “I think as we continue this discussion with cattlemen to start to get prepared, now is the time, if you are not already there, to take a look at it and think about the implications and try to position yourself best to be able to continue with business, should we have an introduction of a foreign animal disease,” she states.

She adds that the biosecurity plan should build upon what producers are already doing to keep disease from entering our herd, like testing animals before purchasing them.