Cattlemen value dung beetles and earthworms in pasture management

Dung beetles and earthworms boost economic benefits on cattle operations.

According to a survey by the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, more than 50 percent say that the insects had a positive impact on pastures.

Dr. Sara Place, a chief sustainability officer, explains how producers saw overall sustainability of their land.

According to Place, “The benefits of having dung beetles and especially earthworms, was very evident to the respondents of the survey, and specifically, the economic benefit that those organisms have and nutrient improvement-- nutrient cycling and nutrient use improvement. The members that responded, they believe the dung beetles help speed up dung composition, while earthworms provide improved soil drainage and nutrient availability.”

The survey also shows a majority of producers would be more likely to purchase an animal health product deemed sage for earthworms and dung beetles.