Celebrate Earth Day with Beef


American ranchers have embraced the values of Earth Day for generations. To celebrate the sustainable efforts of cattlemen, the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association listed out some of the reasons why you should “feel good about choosing beef” today.

Cattle are magicians. The group explains, “since beef is produced from land that is otherwise unusable for food production, they expand the land available for human food production.”

Fire-fighting power. Cattle can help prevent wildfires by eating plants. TSCRA says, “grazing during winter can mitigate the grassland that acts as fuel” during wildfire season. Grazing can even add moisture levels too!

Livestock are good for the environment. According to the group, “livestock operations help maintain and improve grasslands and wildlife habitats.”

Check out their full article for more reasons why to choose beef on Earth Day!


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